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Rock and roll
Play a game to learn about forces - including push and pull. Start at 'medium' level and work up to 'really hard'.

Pushes and pulls
Test how the horse moves around the track when you push and pull it. See what happens when you put different obstacles in the way. Then take a quiz.

Identifying forces
Click on part 1 and 2 to show what you know about pushes and pulls

What are the different forces?
BBC Bitesize resource on forces. A short animation that you can watch about forces and then check your understanding using questions.

Grain Strain
Can you build a machine by dragging and dropping the moving parts to catch all the grain?

Buoyancy ad Boats
Using the information and the knowledge you have of floaters and sinkers, see if you can make a sinking object float or a floating object sink in this water science experiment. Make sure you pay attention to which items are most buoyant to answer the question: Why do boats float?

Rapunzel: invesigating friction
Watch this animation to find out more about forces.

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