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Light and shadows
Place objects in the light and see their shadows. Move the light to see what happens to the shadow.

Spooky mansion
Play a game to learn about light. Start at 'medium' level and work up to 'really hard'.

Light and dark
Test different objects to see if they give out light. Which is the brightest? Then take a quiz.

Alien Attack!
Carry out a scientific investigation to find out which alien is responsible for trying to blow up Earth! Learn about light at the same time!

Identify light sources
Name light sources and see some of the uses of light

Light and dark - Bitesize
Read about Sources of light and Seeing objects

Light sources in your bedroom at night
A little boy, Anshu, wonders what happens when his Dad switches his bedroom light off at night. See light sources from inside his room, his house and outside his house.

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