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Moving and growing (BBC Science clips)
Label the skeletons of the human, fish and horse then try the quiz

Circulation (BBC Bitesize)
Read the sections about heart and pulse then try the interactive game to check Steve’s heart is fit and healthy before he goes filming. Quiz available when you are finished

Human life cycles (BBC Bitesize)
Study diagrams of the stages in the human life cycle then try the interactive game to get Mr Flatley back to normal after taking anti-ageing potion. Quiz available when you are finished

Skeletons and muscles
Read through information on skeletons, muscles and joints. Then play the game and take a quiz.

The Haunted House
Click on the 'website' word to play this game by yourself or in teams to explore the bones in a human skeleton and how we move.

Humans and animals game
A quiz to help you find out some interesting facts about living things. There are six different topics to try. Answer the questions to correctly to reveal the picture and get a bonus question.

Body Builder
Use the factfile to learn where major bones and organs can be found in the human body, what they look like and what each does. You can rotate the body to see how they all fit together. You can test yourself by playing the game- with or without hints!

Human Circulatory System
Get a run down of the human circulatory system with this informative video. Learn how the heart, arteries, capillaries and veins work together to pump oxygen rich blood around the human body.

Science teacher resources
Ask your teacher which activity to click

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