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The amazing food detective.
Click on the child to solve the mystery and unlock the games.

Living things - keeping healthy.
How do different activities affect Ruby's heart beat? Play the game to find out. Use the magnifying glasses to get more information.

Energy Challenge
Learn about the energy different foods provide, through considering how far someone could run fueled by that food.

Health and growth
Keep Ben healthy and see what happens if he doesn't get what he needs

Body and medicines
Use the menu on the left to find out about diagnosis, treatment and types of illness

Get to know your heart and put it through it's paces with this interactive feature

Human Circulatory System
Get a run down of the human circulatory system with this informative video. Learn how the heart, arteries, capillaries and veins work together to pump oxygen rich blood around the human body.

Science teacher resources
Ask your teacher which activity to click

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