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Bitesize - Acids, Bases & Metals
Revise this topic and try the quiz at the end.

pH scale and universal indicator revision video
Watch this video to recap what you have learned about the pH scale, universal indicator and the effect of carbon dioxide on the pH of the oceans.

Gridlocks (RSC)
Select the topic you want from the list on the right. There is a video on the homepage to help you understand how to play Gridlocks.

Do you know your bubbles?
Try to fill in the gaps and then click on next and match up the household products with their pH.

Bitesize - pH testing activity
Follow the instructions on this simulated experiment to test the pH of some household chemicals. Bonus points for your background knowledge!

Acids and Alkalis wordsearch
Find the key words in the wordsearch and then highlight them using your mouse.

Acids and Alkalis - Hangman
Guess letters to find the key word about acids and alkalis before the granny is abducted by aliens.

Matching Pair Exercise: pH
Complete the test on the pH scale.

Crossword on acids, alkalis and salts
Can you finish this Crossword fon acids, alkalis and salts?

Acids and Bases are Everywhere
Read about acids, bases and the pH scale related to the numbers of H+ and OH- ions present and then try the quiz.

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