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Where did you come from?
Click the links on the left to find out about fertilization and growing in the womb

Teen species
Interactive puberty website. What happens to your body during puberty?

Human reproduction (Bitesize)
Use this revision site to help you review what you've learnt about human reproduction.

Doc Brown's reproduction quiz
A quiz on human reproduction.

Reproduction: revision activities
Have a go at a range of activities related to reproduction.

The human reproductive system
Find out about the male and female reproductive systems. Learn about puberty and the menstrual cycle.

Birth control for teenagers
Review the article on this page. Compare the differences between the different types of birth control described.

IVF interactive resource
Follow the 7 steps in the process of IVF. Draw a flow chart to summarise.

Sex, Etc. (US teen magazine)
Frank advice written by teens for teens. Check with your teacher which bits to explore

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