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Simple drag and drop exercise identifying parts of the respiratory system.

Lungs and their function
Explore the lungs and see what asthma does.

Doc Brown's respiration quiz
A mulitple choice quiz on respiration.

Respiratory system puzzles
Word games on the lungs and the respiratory system (as well as some information pages). Some puzzles and fun activities.

Lungs & respiratory system games
Click on the blue text in the centre of the page and choose: Football penalty shootout, basketball hoop shoot or deal or no deal game to really test your knowledge of the respiratory system.

Label the heart
Complete a drag and drop exercise the label the heart and the key features of arteries and veins.

Why do I get a stitch in my side when I run?
Answer to this question from a cool FAQ site for kids, relating it to the need for oxygen

Respiration (Bitesize)
Bitesize revision of respiration, leading to an activity and a short test.

The respiratory system (Bitesize)
Bitesize revision of the respiratory system, leading to an activity and a short test.

Breathing and asthma
There are 8 pages in this electronic resource including information about: * Gas exchange * The respiratory system * Breathing * Asthma * Treating asthma * Artifical lung Interactive features include a glossary, quiz questions and diagrams. Could also be used in year 9 unit 9B.

Gas exchange (Bitesize)
Bitesize revision of gas exchange, leading to an activity and a short test.

Your lungs and respiratory system
Information on lungs, including the role they play in our respiratory system and how to keep your lungs healthy.

Your heart and circulatory system
Information on the heart and circulatory system, including how to keep your heart healthy.

Choose the section that you are interested in from the dropdown menu on the left. Click the underlined words to find out more about each topic. Then try the SciNet quiz.

Breathing and asthma
Read through the pages and try the questions to find out how much you know.

Animal systems
Read the background information about cells, tissues, organs and systems. Click on links to find out more about some of the systems found in our bodies.

Anaerobic respiration
Find out about anaerobic respiration and try a quick question.

Breathing and asthma
Use this resource to find out how the lungs work, how oxygen enters your body and how carbon dioxide is removed. Find out about asthma, how it affects the lungs and how medicines can be used to treat an asthma attack.

Aerobic respiration in plants
Find out about respiration in plants.

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