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Your genes
Information and animations about genes. Including where your genes came from, how genes affect your health, the Human Genome Project and genetic engineering.

Doc Brown's quiz on inheritance and selection
Q's on inherited characteristics, effect of environment on characteristics, variation in offspring, selective breeding for particular character, cloning

Doc Brown's quiz on variation, classification, inheritance and selection
A multiple choice quiz on 'Variation, classification, inheritance and selection'.

Genetics, inheritance and variation
You have 7 minutes to fill in the blanks on the worksheet. Each blank space has a list of possible options.

Animal adaptations
Race against the clock! Select the correctthree adaptations for four different animals.

A fairly in-depth page with a data collecting activity at the end.

Genes and inheritance: what are genes?
Information on genes and inheritance, including: what genes are, what genes do, cloning and how we can use genes. Some information is more advanced than you need to know, but may be of interest.

The Human Genome Project
Information about the Human Genome Project.

How do organisms vary?
Interesting activities and information on genetic variation. Goes into more detail than you need at this level, but provides good extension reading.

Naked scientists
Podcasts, articles, interviews, answers to your questions on a wide variety of topics.

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