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A database of 31 everyday materials, man made and natural, solid and liquid, transparent and opaque, allow children to explore these and many other properties.

A fun activity to help children learn about properties of materials. Includes a worksheet.

A fun activity to help children learn about materials and their properties.

A selection of 3 games (and links to plenty of information) about minerals that we use. Different properties of minerals make them useful for different reasons. Have a go matching properties to minerals and objects, match minerals to objects, or just take it easy and refresh your memory of the minerals around you.

Interactive activity matching materials

A fun activity explaining why some objects float and others sink. Includes a worksheet.

A simple interactive activity, aimed at 7-8 year olds, to introduce the properties and uses of some common materials.

A fun way to get the message across. Needs Flash player.

Some interactive activities for pupils helping them to think about what different objects are made from and why they are made out of that material.

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