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Forest life trail
Play a game. Find out about where different animals live. Learn how to tell the difference between living and non-living things. Find out how different parts of animal are adapted to help the animal survive.

Enviro spotter
Play a game to see how different animals have adapted to their environments.

ARKive is a charity who are creating an amazing record of life on Earth. You can read about and watch short films about a huge variety of animals and plants.

Living and non-living
Drag items into the sorting tray and sort them into living and non living

What is a food chain?
Interactive content on food chains with video clips and quiz by BBC bitesize

What types of food do animals eat?
Information to read about the different foods that animals eat including animation and a quiz.

Information about mammals and how they are similar and different to other types of animals. Games, quizzes and information to read.

Information, games and animations about how you identify birds and the features that they have.

Useful plants and fungi
Find out more about how plants and fungi are important to us with images, stories and activities.

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