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Reversible and irreversible changes
Try to dissolve various substances. You can also experiment with filtration and evaporation. Follow the instructions above the picture. There is a quiz afterwards to test your knowledge.

Compounds and mixtures Bitesize
Good revision material on compounds, mixtures and separating. Try the multiple choice quiz to test your knowledge.

ABPI Properties of solids, liquids and gases
Click the buttons at the bottom of the cartoon viewer in order to see a series of cartoons to help you to understand solids, liquids and gases.

Blockbusters - Solids, liquids, gases and mixtures
Click on the i button for instructions.

Blockbusters - Separating mixtures
Click the i button for instructions.

Separating mixtures (s-cool)
Read this page and watch the animations to find out how to separate different mixtures.

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