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Power up! Where electricity comes from
Work through pages 1-5 covering dangers, power stations and pioneers of electricity

Energy resources
Pick a worksheet and use the buttons on the left to fill it with information.

Energy Slang
Fun with words - click on some common words to find out how they are used in the energy industry. There are some surprises in store!

Energy hog - hog busters training camp
Can you be a successful Energy Hog buster? Try out these games.

Energy transfer and storage (Bitesize)
Revise energy basics and transfer, renewable and non-renewable sources and saving energy then try the activity and test yourself

Build an energy efficient house - game from the Science Museum
Make the best choices for building a house that is energy efficient.

Blockbusters quiz on generating electricity
Click on the letters and answer the questions - try to make it across the board!

Amusement park physics
Find out more about the physics of amusement park rides. Look carefully, there are some of interactive activities to do.

Bitesize: Energy Transfer
Read all about energy transfers between stores. Then try the activity and do the test!

Bitesize: Non Renewable Energy Resources
Explore pages 5 to 7, make a flow diagram of a power station.

Bitesize: Renewable Energy Sources
Read all about renewable energy sources. Then try the activity and do the test!

Bitesize: Generating and Saving Energy
Read all about generating electricity and saving energy. Then try the activity and do the test!

Blockbuster quiz on Energy
Click on the letters and answer the questions - try to make it across the board!

Oil - a fossil fuel
Basic facts about oil, how it was formed, how is refined, data about production and environmental issues.

Natural gas - a fossil fuel
Resource from the US EIA about natural gas - its formation, location, extraction, uses and the environmental consequences. Well illustrated.

Coal - a fossil fuel
Info on coal from the US EIA - how it is formed, where it is found, how it is extracted and used, types, and environmental consequences. Well illustrated. Info on location is entirely US oriented.

Solar energy
US EIA information page on solar energy - how photovoltaic cells work and the different varieties of solar generator used.

Wind energy
US EIA page on wind energy - its history, how wind generators work, and the different types available.

Energy word games
Crosswords and word search puzzles covering a range of topics on renewable and non-renewable sources of energy and its uses. Some are harder than others.

Lolly vs the energy monkeys
Beat the Energy Monkeys by saving energy at home!

My energy smart home
4 simple ways to save energy, information about renewable energy and games.

Types of energy transfers
Find out about types of energy and energy transfers on this animated and interactive page.

Energy home
Investigate the Energy Home to find out what energy is and what uses it.

How do we power up?
Read all about generating electricity then play the games.

Energy is all around us
Go through the 4 sections: 'the source' , 'power up' , 'everyday use' and 'the environment', play games and think about the questions

Power up! Game
Can you power the city with the minimum environmental impact and for the lowest cost?

Fossil fuels eco-stat
Find out about fossil fuels with this interactive activity.

Energy quest!
Find out just about everything on energy form these pages.

Oil formation and trapping
Find out about oil formation and trapping with these 2 animated slides.

Biomass -- renewable energy from plants and animals
Find out about Biomass and the energy cycle in living things.

Scientific forms of energy
Can you turn this info into a poster/spider diagram.

Energy Skate Park: Basics
Play with the skateboarder on different tracks, add friction, and look at the kinetic, potential and thermal energy graphs. Or make your own!

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