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The eye
Nice animation to show how the cornea and iris work.

How do coloured lights mix?
Tool to show how coloured lights mix.

How we see things
Can you light up the park with mirrors?

Light - place the words
Try out this drag and drop word exercise.

Prism with filters
Find out how light is affected by a prism with this interactive activity.

Reflection experiment
Try out this interactive experiment on reflection.

Refraction experiment
Try out this interactive experiment on refraction.

Launch ball game from the Science Museum
This is an absolutely fantastic site. Packed with brilliant puzzles and games to play and create for your friends. Highly recommended.

Blockbusters quiz on light and sound
Click on the letters for questions on light and sound and work your way across the board.

Light game (Bitesize)
Use your knowledge of light and reflection to guide Rani to safety.

Bending Light Animation
Play with refraction! Use a ray model or a wave model to look at what happens when light goes from one material into another.

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