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Food tests (Bitesize)
A BBC bitesize interactive activity to demonstrate 4 food tests

Balanced diet (from ActiveScience)
A game looking at how lifestyle, gender and age affects what diet we require. Could be done as individuals or as a whole class.

Kid's Health - The Real Deal on the Digestive System
An informative tour through the digestive system. American spellings.

Digestion (s-cool)
See how the different parts of the digestive system work and to find out what is in food

Diet, drugs and health
Bitesize looks at what food types are needed, how they are digested (leading to a self test).

Food and fuel
An introduction to the bodies need for fuel.

Digestive system (Bitesize)
Navigate through pages 3,4 and 5 to learn all about digestion.

Digestion experiments 1
Listen to the commentary on the slides and try to predict what will be found in the water (blood)

Healthy eating tools
Healthy eating tools to see if you are eating a balanced diet

Digestive system
Find out about your digestive system

Eat well be well
Great games for exploring a healthy diet

Balanced Diet
Choose a person and work out a balanced diet for them for one day.

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