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Theme 1: Plants animals and micro-organisms

Topic KS41.1 Cells

Topic KS41.2 Classification, variation and evolution

Topic KS41.3 Plants, reproduction and photosynthesis

Topic KS41.4 Eco-systems and feeding relationships

Topic KS41.5 Micro-organisms and disease

Topic KS41.6 Adaptations and behaviour

Topic KS41.7 Biotechnology

Theme 2: Materials and chemical change

Topic KS42.1 Atoms, bonding and the Periodic Table

Topic KS42.2 Chemical reactions

Topic KS42.3 Acids and bases

Topic KS42.4 Chemicals from oil

Topic KS42.5 Metals

Topic KS42.6 Chemicals in our lives

Topic KS42.7 Analytical chemistry

Topic KS42.8 Maths in chemistry

Theme 3: Electromagnetism, atoms and energy

Topic KS43.1 Waves and wave properties

Topic KS43.2 Light, optics, sound and ultrasound

Topic KS43.3 The electromagnetic spectrum

Topic KS43.4 Heating, cooling and kinetic theory

Topic KS43.5 Electrostatics and electric circuits

Topic KS43.6 Electromagnetism, motors and generators

Topic KS43.7 Atoms and radioactivity

Topic KS43.8 Energy production and domestic electricity

Theme 4: Human biology

Topic KS44.1 Fertilisation and the menstrual cycle

Topic KS44.2 Food and the digestive system

Topic KS44.3 Respiration, exercise and the circulatory system

Topic KS44.4 Genes and inheritance

Topic KS44.5 Sensitivity and the nervous system

Topic KS44.6 Other systems and homeostasis

Topic KS44.7 Helpful and harmful drugs

Topic KS44.8 Enzymes and hormones

Theme 5: Our Earth and the Universe

Topic KS45.1 The Earth in the Universe

Topic KS45.2 The Earth, rocks and weathering

Topic KS45.3 Earthquakes and waves

Topic KS45.4 Environmental chemistry

Theme 6: Forces and motion

Topic KS46.1 Newton's Laws

Topic KS46.2 Speed, velocity and acceleration

Topic KS46.3 Work, energy and power

Topic KS46.5 Pressure, projectiles and circular motion

Topic KS46.6 Force and momentum