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Choose a selection of minibeasts by dragging them into the tray. Choose the amount of sets you need and add labels with your own criteria. The sets can be overlapped to produce a Venn diagram display.

Ask pupils to propose 'yes/no' questions that will sort a number of minibeasts using a tree diagram. (Tip: start with two or three creatures and add more into the tray once the concept is more secure.) Choose the minibeasts on the first screen by dragging them into the tray one by one. On the sorting screen, add labels with questions and drag the arrows onto the screen to denote 'yes' or 'no'.

Once you have dragged items into the sorting tray you can move onto the sorting screen. Choose an appropriate number of sets, label them and start sorting. Try sorting some of the items without labelling the sets and ask the pupils to guess the criteria you are using.

The loan kits are aimed at KS1 and KS2, covering the topics of Classification, Life Cycles, Plants and Habitats. Your school can borrow a kit for up to a half term

The Microscope Activity Kit Scheme is completely free for all UK Primary Schools. A Kit can be borrowed for an entire term and contains enough microscopes and resources for a whole class of children.

A site illustrating the economic and cultural importance of a wide range of plants and fungi. Useful for research, cross curricular work and projects.

A fun activity to help children learn about living things. Includes a worksheet.

A fun activity to help children learn about animals and their adaptations. Includes a worksheet.

This website has a huge archive of information (text, images and short video clips) about our plants and animals. There are dedicated sections for children and teachers. The teacher section has a huge range of resources for all ages, including PowerPoint presentations and Word documents.

BBC Bitesize information, activities and video clips on food chains.

BBC Bitesize content on food chains looking at consumers - carnivores and herbivores.

BBC Bitesize resource explaining the characteristics of mammals.

BBC Bitesize resource on the characteristics of birds

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