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TES iboard activity: The playground is full of forces in action. Use the magnifying glass to focus in on one action and then label the forces using text and the arrows. Drag the arrows onto the rotate buttons to show the direction of the forces shown by the animation, or just use for discussing forces.

TES i board activity. A simple sorting activity - drag images into the sorting tray and then proceed to sort them into groups. You can drag the set circles by their edges to overlap them.

A fun activity to help children learn about the effects of forces. Includes a worksheet.

A fun activity to help children learn about pushing and pulling forces.

Identify who is pushing and who is pulling, and what items can be pushed or pulled. More at

Explore the effect of the strength of a push on how far an object will travel, and what objects around the home that either pushed or pulled. More at

BBC Bitesize resource to identify different forces. It includes a short animation about forces and short knowledge check questions.

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