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A fun animated version of the fairytale, introducing an investigation into friction. Would make a good stimulus for a ramp investigation.

TES whiteboard activity that could be used as follow up to Rapunzel clip. A virtual version of the classic car on a ramp, friction vs. gravity, experiment. Choose either ramp angle or surface as the variable. Now run a series of tests, graphing the results.

This activity asks the pupils to identify the forces used to move an object. Several examples are given where the force (push, pull or twist) needs to be identified, eg to push a door open. The pupils are then asked to sort a collection of toys into those which are used by pulling or pushing.

Four primary teachers present their Great Lesson Ideas for teaching forces and motion in science.

A fun activity to help children learn about the effects of forces. Includes a worksheet.

A fun activity to help children learn about pushing and pulling forces.

BBC Bitesize resource to identify different forces. It includes a short animation about forces and short knowledge check questions.

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