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Place food from the shelves into the box and click 'sort'. Select a Venn diagram size and place the food labels in the sections, making labels for each.

TES iboard activity. Useful for looking at data in different formats and comparing foods. Examples of foods from 5 different groups appear when each food type is clicked. Drag the required item into the meal tray, and the nutritional breakdown is displayed- either as table, pie chart or graph.

TES iboard activity. Ask pupils to collect data and display the information in a pictogram. The data for favourite snacks could be collected within the class, from other classes or even from home.

Investigate reaction times, body facts and find out whether longest legs jump farthest

This resource provides support for a series of lessons on medicines – what they do and how to use them safely. It looks at how medicines are discovered, developed and tested through the eyes of a little girl called Ellie.

A fun activity to help children learn about animal parts and health and growth. Includes a worksheet.

A TES iboard activity to sort food into groups and find out the nutritional values of different foods. Click on items around the kitchen and drag to little bear's mouth. Click on the fridge to open it to find more food.

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